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    Fully Off Grid Tiny House with Wood Stove and Clean Water Tank

    In stock!

    Separett Tiny Toilet 

    Wood Stove included

    Water Tank & Filter

    Fully OFF-Grid (batteries included)
    Can be connected to grid if needed

    Product description

    Experience the freedom of off-grid living with Solido Escape.

    Powered by solar panels, it's fully self-reliant. Collect rainwater in the built-in tank and enjoy the cozy warmth of the wood stove. Stay connected to the grid if needed.


    Perfect for your BNB business anywhere, 12 months a year!

    • Off-grid living: Fully self-sufficient and independent from the grid.
    • Solar power: Equipped with efficient solar panels for renewable energy generation.
    • Water independence: Includes a built-in water tank for collecting and storing rainwater.
    • Cozy warmth: Enjoy the comfort of a wood stove for heating and ambiance.
    • Grid connection option: Can easily connect to the conventional power supply when necessary.
    • Mobility: Built on wheels, allowing you to travel and explore with your home.
    • Durable and eco-friendly: Crafted with sustainable materials for long-lasting quality.
    • Cost-effective: Reduce energy bills and expenses associated with traditional housing.
    • Minimal environmental impact: Decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

    This mobile marvel lets you explore nature while minimizing your carbon footprint. Choose sustainability with Solido!

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      This model has the following configuration:

      • Separett Tiny Toilet 
      • Instant Gas Water Heater Ariston
      • SeaFlo Water Pump
      • Wood Stove
      • Solar Panel System 2000W
      • 2 Solar Batteries VictronEnergy
      • Inverter & Charger VictronEnergy
      • 100 L Clean Water Tank 
      • Waste Water Tank on wheels
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      Fully Off Grid Tiny House with Wood Stove and Clean Water Tank

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